Resources for developers

HomeRun is an open source project, and welcomes the participation of casual users, adopters, or developers in any capacity. The application is written in Java, but beyond that core competence, almost any java specialty can be accommodated, from ME to J2EE, from Swing to Ajax, etc

The code is kept in a subversion repository at Google Code, but releases, bug tracking, etc are all at SourceForge.

Developer Documents

At present, there is no developer's guide. However, the server javadoc is available. You may also generate it from the source distribution using the ant target docapi. Please note that HomeRun is very young software undergoing continuous modification: therefore the documented APIs are subject to change.


The current release of HomeRun embodies only a small fraction of the functionality envisioned for the platform. The developers also adhere to the open source mantra of 'release early and often', and attempt to put out a release every 3 or 4 months. This combination of a large requirement space and a fairly small planning horizon means that there is a great deal of flexibility and uncertainty in when functionality will appear. The developers are especially attuned to requests from the community for feature development or bug fixes as a means of prioritizing the work.

Here is just a small sample of planned or contemplated further work:

Forthcoming after 0.4.2 (near term)

Next few major releases (mid-term)